FirstBank & Trust
Savvy® Money Management

Centralize your finances to track spending, set financial goals and monitor all your accounts.

Accounts from here, accounts from there, link them together with Savvy Money Management.

Savvy Money Management allows you to manage your money and maintain your finances from the convenience of your FirstBank & Trust Online Banking. Securely link accounts from other financial institutions and access all your finances from one central location. Login to Online Banking and look under the Services tab to get started.

Savvy Money Management features include:

  • Create and track spending targets

    Get a clear picture how you are spending your money. Easily use the budget feature to manage and track your spending habits.

  • Add accounts

    In addition to your accounts at FirstBank & Trust, you may link accounts from external institutions for a unified financial experience.

  • Forecast your daily cash flow

    Utilize the Cashflow feature to highlight your deposits and debits, such as paychecks and bill deductions.

  • Set a goal

    Easily set a financial goal, such as paying off a credit card, and Savvy Money Management will help you see it through to the end!

Get started with Savvy Money Management by enrolling for Online Banking.

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