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How you manage your money is almost as important as how you make it. Our team of treasury and payments experts can help with all your cash management, payables and receivables strategies, and reporting needs.


As your financial partner, FirstBank & Trust works with your team to review your payables and receivables process to ensure your processes are streamlined, receivables transitions are expedited, expenses are effectively managed and information is easily accessible.



Managing Payables

Easily manage and streamline traditional and electronic outgoing payments.

ACH Payments

Use ACH payments to quickly and easily move transactions electronically within the same business day.

Wire Transfer

Securely send high value transactions to domestic or international recipients in US or foreign currency with same-day settlement.

Commercial Card Solutions

Save time and money by automating vendor payments, reduce payment fraud, manage travel and entertainment expenses, improve cash flow and add a recurring revenue stream to your balance sheet.

Integrated Payables

The complete payment solution for ALL payment types, Integrated Payables turns expense into revenue. A single platform gives you ONE payment solution for all payment types: Check, ACH and Virtual Card. With this cutting edge technology, you can take advantage of cost savings, added fraud control, better vendor relations and most importantly, we enroll vendors on your behalf!

Managing Receivables

Streamline and expedite your funds collection processes, and easily manage and monitor cash management.


Accelerate and enhance the availability of your receivables with complete control over processing, while reducing employee involvement in receiving and preparing daily deposits. Mitigate fraud and decrease error as less employees handle each transition.


Deposit your checks much faster directly from your place of business. For easy reconciliation, email confirmations will be sent when check deposits are received and processed.

Mobile Remote Deposit

Conveniently deposit checks using your mobile device with the FirstBank & Trust mobile app.

ACH Receivables

Originate ACH debit files to receive ACH payment files from your customers or vendors.  

Wire Transfer

Securely receive high value transactions from your customers or vendors both domestically and internationally, all with same-day settlement.  

Merchant Services

We partner with Heartland, one of the nation’s leading providers of payment processing services, to offer money-saving payment processing solutions, from point-of-sale to reconciliation, that help your business grow.

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A Culture for Success

Our local experts are focused on building strong relationships and delivering impactful financial solutions to our clients.

“We feel very fortunate to have them as a partner. They’re local and their services are top-notch and can compete with any bank—that makes it a really good relationship.”

—Co-Owner, Cheese Company

Unique Solutions Featuring a Cheese Company


Fraud Management

Keep your business safe with tools that allow you to mitigate risk and protect your business from all types of fraud.


Positive Pay

As an industry standard, this security measure can detect and virtually eliminate fraud before it happens.

  • ACH Positive Pay – Utilizing filters and blocks, this online fraud mitigation service manages ACH debits and credits that post to your business account only processing payments you authorize.  
  • Check Positive Pay – This service matches check number, account number and dollar amount of each check to that of a check file authorized and issued by your company. You can also view and decision checks before they post to your account.
    • Payee Positive Pay – In addition to the Check Positive Pay, Payee Positive Pay matches the receiving payee name to the payee name on your check issue file to provide ease in your reconciliation process.
    • Reverse Positive Pay is also available.

Stop Payments

Allows you to stop a check payment from clearing your business account in a matter of minutes.

Information Management

Never lose sight of your account activity and information with InBusiness Online Banking, account and deposit reconciliation, reporting, eStatements and more.  


Customizable reports and alerts allow you to streamline your Accounts Payable process, integrate your online banking data with your accounting platform, and multiple file formats are available for flexibility.

InBusiness Online Banking

Our easy-to-use platform allows you to conveniently and securely manage your business finances online or on the go.

  • Payments – Schedule payments and create recurring revenue streams which allow for increased efficiency for your Accounts Payable department.
  • Enhanced Security – Utilize transactional or account-based alerts to stay up to date with your latest account activity.
  • Mobile Banking – Using the FirstBank & Trust mobile app, you can access your business finances anywhere, anytime from a device of your choosing.

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