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We take fraud prevention very seriously, and we are dedicated to helping you protect yourself and your business. We have partnered with Trusteer Rapport®, a leading expert in financial security. Trusteer Rapport’s online fraud protection software is customized to protect FirstBank & Trust InBusiness Online Banking users.


person on mobile phone holding package

Using Your Wholesale Inventory Management Software To Its Greatest Potential

Robust wholesale inventory management software is crucial to success in the fresh food industry. Are you getting the most out of yours? Click to learn more

staff with elderly patient posing for photo

Long-Term Skilled Nursing Facilities, AI, and Technological Innovations

Burnout and turnover are affecting long-term skilled nursing facilities. How can leveraging modern AI and emerging technologies curb these issues? Click to learn more

visual of a robot hand holding a strawberry

Is The Robotic Strawberry Harvester on the Horizon?

As labor shortages continue to plague American agribusiness, fully robotic strawberry harvester systems may be on the horizon. Click to learn more

food warehouse employee inspecting vegetables

Automation in Food Processing and Production

As inflation and labor issues persist, industry leaders must consider automation in food processing to succeed. Here's what you need to know. Click to learn more

person working on 3D model appearing out of tablet

The Benefits of BIM (In Accurately Forecasting Costs—and More!

CRE developers can leverage the benefits of BIM systems to save time and money on their next project. Here's what you need to know. Click to learn more

electric charging station plug in

How Far Are We From Automated and Electric Semi-Trucks?

For logistics companies, electric semi-trucks and automated vehicles are the future. Many experts believe an AV revolution is just around the corner. Click to learn more

Man on computer operating machinery

Is Now the Time to Invest in Manufacturing Automation?

As labor shortages continue, is now the right time to invest in manufacturing automation? What factors must you consider before taking the leap? Click to learn more

Customer paying at Drive-thru

Quick-Service Restaurant Challenges: Automation Trends

As labor shortages persist through 2022, QSR franchisees must leverage emerging automation trends to stay ahead. Here's what you need to know. Click to learn more

Person at fast food checkout, illustrating Managing Quick Service Restaurant Staffing Difficulties

Managing Quick Service Restaurant Staffing Difficulties

Restaurants are back to full volume across the US, and managers are trying to beef up teams accordingly! How can you solve your restaurant staffing needs? Click to learn more

Transporting shipping containers

Advantages of Intermodal Transportation at Risk

While intermodal transportation historically has its advantages, Covid-19 has also laid bare its flaws. How can you adapt to navigate these new challenges?  Click to learn more

Attrition rate graphic

Employee Retention in the Great Resignation

The Great Resignation has forced businesses to pay close attention to employment practices. What can you do to reduce your attrition rate and retain staff?  Click to learn more

Truck containers docked at a warehouse

the Refrigerated Container Backlog

Refrigerated container shortages recently plagued agribusiness across the US. What distribution logistics strategies can help you get around this problem?  Click to learn more

Low Alcohol & RTD

“Low Alcohol” and RTD: Product Strategy

No/low-alcohol and RTD beverages are cornering a vital part of the beverage market. Does your product strategy account for these trends?  Click to learn more

Construction worker on the computer

Infrastructure Investments and Congress

As the infrastructure bill's investments begin to go out, CRE developers should carefully track infrastructure investments over the coming years. Click to learn more

Nurse caring for patient

Three Strategies to Thrive Despite Nurse Staffing Shortages

Medical business leaders must rethink their nurse staffing practices to combat shortages in 2022. Here are three actionable strategies to consider. Click to learn more

Managing Your Wealth

Managing Your Wealth in Today’s Uncertain Economic Environment

With ongoing supply chain constrictions, inflationary prices, and potentially rising interest rates, it’s prudent to consider expanded investment options and seek wealth-management advice. Click to learn more

Farm Labor

The Farm Labor Shortage Remains

The farm labor shortage and ongoing high fertilizer prices look to impact the farming industry going forward. Here's how to overcome those challenges. Click to learn more


A Guide for CRE Developers

How can CRE developers strategize to maximize profits elsewhere with inflation driving up commercial construction costs? Here are some tips to consider. Click to learn more

Skilled Labor Shortage

Skilled Labor Shortage

U.S. manufacturers are facing a critical skilled labor shortage. Explore powerful recruitment strategies proven to attract and retain young workers. Click to learn more


How to Inflation-Proof Your Business

Inflation seems here to stay in 2022, and businesses need to prepare accordingly. Re-evaluate your strategies with fresh insights and improved technology. Click to learn more

Power of Reshoring

Harness the Power of Reshoring

Rising inflation and supply chain issues threaten many industries. Learn more about how reshoring can provide a solution for your business. Click to learn more

QSR Franchisees

Business Strategies for QSR Franchisees

Rising inflation is predicted to last well through 2022. What business strategies can QSR franchisees implement to weather the oncoming inflation storm? Click to learn more

Truck Driver Shortage

Inflation and Truck Driver Shortage

Inflation and the ongoing truck driver shortage will continue through 2022. How can trucking and logistics companies navigate both in the coming years? Click to learn more

Supply Chain Sourcing

Supply Chain Sourcing

Supply chain sourcing comes with many factors to consider. How can companies navigate a shipping crisis experts believe could last through 2022 and 2023? Click to learn more

Wine Shortage

Wine Shortage 2021

Winemakers and lovers worldwide have struggled with the wine shortage brought on by ongoing supply chain issues. Will these trends continue in 2022? Click to learn more

Produce Shortage

Produce Shortage 2021

The ongoing shipping crisis has led to a substantial produce shortage affecting American farmers. How can agribusiness better prepare for the 2022 season? Click to learn more

Nut Export

Nut Export Insights for 2022

The ongoing shipping crisis has affected every global industry. How have American nut producers been affected, and how can they plan financially for 2022? Click to learn more

Horticulture Business

Can Agritourism Help Horticulture Business

Considering ways to diversify income for your horticulture business? Have you thought about agritourism? Weigh these pros and cons. Click to learn more

Last Mile Carrier

Budgeting for Fluctuating Costs

Pre-pandemic strategies may not be relevant for your old last mile carrier. Instead, it's time to budget for fluctuating costs in a changing environment. Click to learn more

Industrial Warehouse Shortage

Industrial Warehouse Shortage

How has the global shipping crisis affected industrial warehouse availability? Can CRE developers capitalize on the growing demand for storage in 2022? Click to learn more

Just In Time Manufacturing

Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Can companies continue relying on just-in-time manufacturing in the new normal? Experts debate JIT's culpability in the current shipping crisis. Click to learn more

Proposed Tax Laws Changes Webinar

Proposed Tax Laws Changes Webinar

WEBINAR: Learn how your income taxes may be impacted by recent tax changes, and strategies for financial planning, retirement, and estate planning. Click to learn more

Fraud Webinar

Fighting Fraud & Protecting Your Business

WEBINAR: Fraudsters are adapting their tactics. Learn how to protect your business. Click to learn more


What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is on the rise. What can you do to protect your business and valuable assets? Click to learn more

Economic Webinar

2021 Mid-Year Economic Update

WEBINAR: 2021 Mid-Year Economic Update webinar featuring leading economist, Anirban Basu. Click to learn more

Credential Stuffing


Credential stuffing is a growing type of fraud. Learn how to protect your accounts. Click to learn more

Fiduciary Oversight

Fiduciary Oversight

Being fiduciary of your own retirement plan can create significant liability for your business. Click to learn more

Strong Retirement Plans

Strong Retirement Plans

Building a strong retirement plan requires knowledge, research and ideally, financial partnership. Click to learn more

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness as a Benefit

Financial wellness is a high priority for employers, largely because it is a concern for employees. Click to learn more

Payments Strategy

Overall Payments Strategy

With the right payments strategy, you can find efficiencies, maximize your cash flow and grow your business. Click to learn more

Payment Strategy

Diversify and Save

By moving away from processing checks, your business is able to save time and money through staff efficiencies and understanding hidden costs. Click to learn more

Payments Strategy

Mitigate Fraud Risk

A modern payments strategy is key to staying competitive, while growing and protecting your business. Click to learn more

TPS Payables Webinar

2021 Payables Webinar

WEBINAR: Discover digital payment strategies and insights that can have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. Click to learn more

Fighting Internal Fraud

Fighting Internal Fraud

The threat is real for businesses, and fraud attempts can come from within. Here’s what to do. Click to learn more

HTLF Strength

Powered by HTLF

Our local banking team is backed by the strength, stability and expertise of a $18 billion organization. Click to learn more

2021 Economic Outlook

2021 Economic Outlook

WEBINAR: Current state and predictions of the 2021 economy.Click to learn more

Credit Card Fraud

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

Using the right tools and best practices will help your company fight credit card fraud. Click to learn more

ach fraud

Safeguard Your Ach Transactions

With a recent increase in ACH fraud, learn about effective ways to protect your business. Click to learn more

Check Fraud

The Risk of Writing Checks

Check payments are targeted most frequently by fraudsters looking to steal from a business. Click to learn more

Dynamic Retirement Plans

Dynamic Retirement Plans

Understanding your options can help you navigate the challenging times. Click to learn more

Email Fraud

Protect Your Business from Email Fraud

Business Email Compromise is the greatest source of payments fraud – help ensure your business isn’t impacted. Click to learn more

Payments Fraud


The 2020 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey Report shows fraud increasing among businesses. Click to learn more

2020 Fraud Webinar

2020 Fraud Webinar

WEBINAR: Industry expert, Tim Tribe, covers shifting trends, common types of fraud, and best practices. Click to learn more



Fraud is increasingly on the rise – don’t let your business be the next target! Click to learn more

managing cash flow

Keep Cash Flow in Check

Key considerations to keep in mind when evaluating your business’ cash flow. Click to learn more

small business financing

Small Business Financing

Learn about the 5 C’s of business financing and what you should consider when applying for a small business loan. Click to learn more

Opportunity Zone

Opportunity Zones

A government program that encourages growth and investment in mostly underserved communities. Click to learn more