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“We'd been doing business with a large national bank for many years, but they weren't responding to emails or even answering the phone. With Citywide Banks, it was good to know somebody was interested in doing business with us. Citywide's treasury management service saves us 25% compared with our former bank. And Citywide's technology is head and shoulders and elbows and hips above the other guys.”

— John Parker, United Power

HTLF Family of Community Banks

FirstBank & Trust is a member of the HTLF (NASDAQ: HTLF) family of community banks. Our unique model powers our geographically diverse group of banks with technology, efficiency and strength. Decision making is local and focused on customers and relationships. This is community banking with the scale to compete at any level.

Through this unique operating structure, our Iowa leadership and local banking team is backed by the strength, stability and expertise of a $19 billion organization. Our combined financial strength includes healthy capital levels, a diverse loan portfolio, a conservative liquidity risk profile, solid credit metrics and a strong net interest margin.

HTLF Footprint

We Offer Strength

Strong leadership and innovative thinking uniquely positions us in the financial landscape. Our business model and our diverse geographic footprint reduce risk and provide us with size and efficiency to compete at scale. We are purpose-driven to deliver strength and drive performance.

We Offer Comprehensive Insights

We are a diverse team of financial experts, analysts and thought leaders. We are committed to providing our customers with insights that go beyond basic economic and market advice. We believe dedicated local talent offers unique perspective on regional markets and a true understanding of the customers we serve. It is from this comprehensive view that we provide smart, evidence-based insights that drive real results.

We Provide Growth

We are focused on thoughtful, intentional and solid growth. Growth fuels our ability to evolve and exceed our customers’ needs. It affords the opportunity to compete at any level while providing unmatched experience. It’s how we achieve our mission of enriching lives one customer, employee and community at a time.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Portzen Construction and affiliated companies have been working with DB&T for over 20 years. DB&T has always been on the cutting edge of providing new ideas and product offerings in the continuously changing banking industry. DB&T has been a true partner in our company’s success and we look forward to working with DB&T in the future.”

— Mike Portzen, Portzen Construction


"This is a very odd time for our company and reading the tea leaves with not much experience was even more odd. I wanted to thank [you] for helping us traverse the process. You made this tough time less tough. Although it is only a patch at this time it is a seriously important patch to get us over this rough spot. I prided myself on having things somewhat ready for the storms of business, evidently not as prepared as I should have been."

— Pat Einarsen, Inventory Trading Company

“We prefer to bank where we can have a one-on-one relationship with our banker. Being able to talk through solutions to our business challenges, rather than being forced to choose a cookie cutter option is very important to us. Convivium is a non-traditional small business— it is hard to define and hard to quantify, but DB&T has done whatever they can do to help us move from dream to reality."

— Leslie Shalabi and Mike Muench, Convivium Urban Farmstead

"We are excited to have transitioned our business to Illinois Bank & Trust. Once we decided to leave a large bank, we had many local choices to serve our needs. What we valued most about Illinois Bank & Trust was their professional approach to transitioning our business. We operate several locations in several states. Our team was a little concerned about a potential transition. The bank took time to analyze our banking needs, in relation to what was going on in our business and our industry, and outlined a clear path of implementing the new solutions. This process allowed us to not only change banks, but to improve our treasury structure. The transition went as planned and we are very excited about our new banking partnership."

— Bill LaFever, President & CEO | Bill Doran Company


"The purpose of this missive is to inform you as a new client of your bank how very pleased I am with the outstanding "Service", that I have at Illinois Bank & Trust. As a small business trying to navigate the murky waters of economic relief through the Cares Act, I found it very difficult due to lack of instructions to understand and provide what the SBA was asking. Kay Wadsworth to the rescue, she stayed in contact and helped me work it out, when she got stuck on a technical issue, she provided a teleconference meeting with Adam Killian. Mary Breeden made sure all questions were answered and documents signed ( I had a lot questions). It is not often that people are willing to help you over the Easter weekend to make sure that I got what I needed. You are blessed with a dedicated staff."

— H. Cyrus Oates, DDS - Owner | Oates Dental

“Over the past 15 years, Illinois Bank & Trust has continued to innovate and transcend the banking experience for me. Their consultative approach and ability to scale has provided a financial platform for our companies to grow while mitigating risk. Consistency from Commercial Lending, Treasury Services, Personal Banking, and Wealth Management has put Illinois Bank & Trust in a position as the one and only financial institution I need."

— Todd Colin, CEO | Rockfarm Holdings, Inc.

“'Thank You' is just not enough for the staff at Wisconsin Bank & Trust. We are extremely grateful and appreciative of everyone’s efforts - not just in processing our loan application - but in all the ways they have supported us since day one of us coming aboard. They have been, and will continue to be, an outstanding business partner for Superior Extrusion, Inc."

— Dean Borlace, Superior Extrusion, Inc.

“The team at Wisconsin Bank & Trust has proven time and time again that it is responsive, diligent and capable. Wisconsin Bank & Trust gave us the personalized care and attention that only a much larger business could expect from a commercial bank. Most importantly, Wisconsin Bank & Trust delivered on our requests. We firmly believe that only a bank that truly cares about its customers would step up like Wisconsin Bank & Trust has.”

— Joseph Crivello, Jet Out, LLC

“I have been a customer of Wisconsin Bank and Trust since 2006. There are many reasons I have been a customer of WBT, but it really boils down to SERVICE SERVICE SERVICE! During this crisis of the economic disaster caused by COVID-19, my small business, like millions more were at serious risk of survival. WBT staff were timely in assisting me with submitting our PPP Loan application and timely in your review.”

— Bruce Spann, Spann & Associates, LLC


"I just wanted to thank you for ALL the extra help you provided in getting us approved and these much needed resources! ...You were very gracious and persistent in getting us the help we needed! So, I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. This will make a huge difference for our ministry."

— Troy Carl, President | International Scripture Ministries


"I thought you might like to see the some of the lives you and NMB&T changed through your ever diligent efforts. Thank you for everything you are doing, it absolutely makes a difference!"

— Scott A. Whitefield, Managing Director and Principal | Albuquerque-Santa Fe

“I just wanted to touch base and let you know how appreciative we are of all you do to help us. When we are thanking nurses and doctors, we should also be thanking our bankers. You all are doing a lot to help people in a different way. We appreciate you."

— Staci Baca | Turfscapes of New Mexico, LLC

“I wanted to take a minute to tell you how much Nidal Soof and Arizona Bank & Trust has meant to our company, and the success we've had over the last 2+ years. Thanks to Nidal's efforts and your support our company was able to get a loan to purchase our first clinic (office suite) 2 years ago and we now have 15 therapists that provide speech, physical and occupational therapy services to 175 families w/ special needs kids in the East Valley.”

— Mat Cohen, CDT Kids Pediatric Therapy


"I can’t tell you how grateful we are to Arizona Bank & Trust for your extraordinary gift to help us during this very difficult time dealing with the coronavirus. We had to completely re-engineer our operations. But the point is still the same. We are feeding people with care, dignity, and love. We can do that because of the wonderful people and the wonderful gifts from Arizona Bank & Trust. I can't tell you how grateful we're and I can't tell you how grateful the community is!"

— Steve Zabilski, St. Vincent de Paul Phoenix

"The Team at Rocky Mountain Bank has proven to be an asset to our organization as we have expanded over the last several years. We are proud to have a bank that is willing and able to grow with us. As we continue to grow, it is essential to have a strong banking partner and we value the expertise that Bob Gieseke and his team at Rocky Mountain Bank have provided us."

— Tim Sheehy, CEO | Bridger Aerospace Group


“Since making the transition to Rocky Mountain Bank, we have been more impressed with the level of service the team there have provided us. We truly get the best of both worlds in our relationship with Rocky Mountain Bank, the flexibility and service we expect from a local bank coupled with the level of expertise, the tools and the resources we expect from a large national bank.”

— Matt Sheehy, Chairman | Ascent Vision Technologies

“Citywide Banks continually meets and exceeds our needs and is very responsive with requests. They have many new innovative ideas when it comes to financing, business operations, and banking services. Their online banking is the best we have worked with in over 15 years of business operations. The online portal and services are very user friendly. In our opinion Citywide’s greatest asset is their ability to listen to their customers’ needs and concerns. This is a testament to the fact that they truly want a long-lasting relationship with their customers. Ward Electric Company has direct access to the people that make decisions and provide answers. They will look at all the possibilities that are presented, and find the best fit for the financing, banking, and credit needs of their customers. With Heartland Financial supporting all they do, Citywide is a great partner with the ability to meet all our business’s financial needs. Ward Electric considers Citywide a true business partner who values relationships where doing what is right for both sides is a reality.”

— Mark Ward, Ward Electric Company


“Citywide Banks has given my business a life-line during this challenging time (COVID-19). You are the very reason that we will all survive this, because of your kindness and goodness, helping 'the little guy.'"

— Jay A. Ewing, Bird Golf Academy

“I’ve learned that the important thing is how my bank will respond to problems as opposed to the promises they make about their services. Over the years Citywide has proven time and time again to be responsive and available.”

— Ellen Judish, United Power

"I want to share the incredible experience I had with MN Bank and Trust in obtaining our SBA PPP. I reached out to our banker after learning of the potential to obtain SBA financing to help us through the corona virus shutdown. It was a very confusing time to say the least, with the stock market crashing, the virus taking hold, and the thought of having to close down for an extended period of time. My banker was available to us 24 x 7. I spoke to him in the early morning, late at night, on Saturdays and Sundays. I wanted to make sure we received the PPP, and did not want to mess up the application or miss the window. Our banker was equally vested interested in the process and helped us every step of the way. I highly recommend their experienced team."

— Dana Swindler, CEO | Martin Patrick 3


"MDI started banking with MBT in 2012 with a very favorable refinancing. Recently, our strong relationship led our banker calling to highlight COVID-19 opportunities including the Paycheck Protection Plan (PPP). As we prepared the PPP application, our banker immediately responded over the weekend to the myriad of questions that came up. This resulted in quickly funding our loan, which as a nonprofit social enterprise, is resulting in MDI being able to continue employment for a large majority of our workforce many of whom are people with disabilities."

— Peter McDermott, President & CEO and Marv Hannon, CFO | MDI

“KVC Health Systems is a large child welfare and behavioral health organization with 35 locations in five states. Through all the complexity of our work and the added challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, Bank of Blue Valley has been an incredible partner and friend. Their expertise helps us better serve our employees, our supporters, and the 70,000+ children and families whose lives we positively impact each year. While the pandemic’s economic/business impact continues to unfold and uncertainty remains, we know Bank of Blue Valley’s friendship will see us through.”

— Jason Hooper, KVC Health Systems


“I wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful we are for the service we get from Bank of Blue Valley! For the past five years we have received exemplary service from Cody Richardson. I feel like we have a personal banker! He has helped us with loans, appraisals, line of credit, business checking and savings, etc, etc. He has always been there for us for questions, advice and assistance. However, our recent breath-holding experience with obtaining a Payroll Protection Program forgivable loan at such a critical juncture was exceptional! Thank you so much for your support over the years and for having such an excellent employee. Cody exemplifies your service ethic and reflects your personal and organizational commitment to the community.”

— Georgia Walker, Journey to New Life

“I can't say THANK YOU loud enough for all of your work and attention to us as a customer. On behalf of our company - its employees and certainly our Board who does its best to take care of our work family - we would like to thank you, your team and the Bank of Blue Valley for your support and assistance on this. We have continued to pay our employees at 100% since this unfortunate pandemic began weeks ago even though efficiencies and workloads have suffered. Maintaining full payroll, as well as the drop off in sales we have experienced over the last few weeks, genuinely makes us the type of company that the Payment Protection Program is designed to help. We will continue to work hard as a company to do our part in helping the economy and this country get through this tough period.”

— Kevin Derr, Charles D. Jones

“Growing our business in Fresno, where we and the Franchise were not yet established proved difficult when trying to get financing. After meeting with Premier Valley Bank, we had a relationship – not just a new banking institution with people who are just as excited about our success as they are their own. The employees at Premier Valley Bank actually care about us and our business, and that is hard to find. We are so happy to be with a bank that wants to see us grow and succeed and look forward to more years of doing business together."

— Dutch Bros

“Since making the transition to Premier Valley Bank, we have been even more impressed with the level of service they have provided us. We truly get the best of both worlds in our relationship with Premier Valley Bank, the flexibility and service we expect from a local bank coupled with the tools and resources we expect from a large national bank.”

— cCare Inc.

“My loan experience was great. FirstBank & Trust was very helpful through the entire process and helped me close my small business loan on time. Colton made my loan process seamless and was very responsive. His expertise was a great help in navigating the SBA process.”

— Stephen Quisenberry, Wagbnb


“That’s the mark of true partner, when they anticipate your needs. FirstBank & Trust has assisted us every step of the way. It’s meant everything to us.”

— Glenda Mathis, YWCA

“FirstBank & Trust has had my back for 25 years. Our partnership has been invaluable as my business has grown over the years.”

— Thomas Payne, Epic Properties

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